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I Thought I Was A Real Mermaid Until Something Crazy Happened

Okay, so here's the deal. I really wanted to be a mermaid ever since I was little. Maybe because of popular film during my childhood called The Little Mermaid, but also because I have experienced it once in my life.

My cousin and I planned to pay for a swimming workshop through several PMs on different swimming organizations, but none of them responded. Until one day a FairyGod Mermaid, Amarie Tolentino sent me a message to collaborate! I guess this was a destined serendipity. 

We had our mermaid workshop called MerSwim 101 in Sangley Naval Base, Cavite. The pool was 8 feet long, and I was too STOKED that I drowned on the first period cause I thought I could reach air from the deep! I panicked and pulled Amarie in the waters like shookt, lol sorry.

Amarie and her co-FairyGod Mermaid Genie taught us how to be a mermaid in 3 ways:

1. How To Look
There is no exact face feature to follow, because as a mermaid you can dress up on your own aquatic figure. I brought my mermaid accessories to …

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